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The Wonderful World of Cupcakes

A youthful imagination is as sweet as a child’s face covered in icing from a delicious cupcake. How wonderful would it be to escape to a world where everything you see and experience is a cupcake? In this book, children are given the opportunity to imagine themselves in a different world where everyday objects, buildings and places are made up of cupcakes.

Take this exciting story and sprinkle colorful imagery on top, and watch boys and girls of all ages enjoy a delightful experience. What a sweet opportunity this is for every child to enjoy. In addition to instilling imagination, this book is sure to create an appetite for reading. With the turn of each page, children will learn the sounds of words each time they hear the story. Not only will this book open the door to a lifetime of reading, it will be an amazing treat every child can enjoy.


A Cupcake for Myah

A Cupcake for Myah

When you think of grandparents, you might not think of cupcakes. But in A Cupcake for Myah, you are reminded of the fact that the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter can be as sweet as a cupcake with sprinkles on top. Children who open this book will meet a grandmother named Anna, who enjoys a delicious cupcake with her granddaughter Myah. The characters in the book are reminded of the fact that their love for the sweetest cupcake does not compare to the love they have for each other. This book is sure to touch your child’s heart while opening their mind to imagination and a love for reading.